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Shenzhen Electronics from Pianoro Trading Group offers a range of components from leading manufacturers.
We have an extensive list of suppliers and components available, in addition our team can locate and acquire additional components upon request.

Shenzhen Electronics from Pianoro Trading Group is a trading firm located in China that specializes in sourcing and procuring electronic components from a variety of manufacturers. Our team sources and ships components to clients around the world. Our procurement professionals can locate hard to find components to suit our customers' particular requirements. We work tirelessly to obtain the lowest possible market prices for our clients. So look no further, at Shenzhen Electronics from Pianoro Trading Group we'll provide you with all your requirements, from PCs to components.

Get in touch with us to find out more about purchasing components and our procurement and supply chain process.


Shenzhen Electronics from Pianoro Trading Group only sources components from trusted and reputable manufacturers and suppliers. When it comes to quality control we employ the strictest criteria to ensure that our customers take delivery of components that have our seal of approval. Components are purchased solely from approved original manufacturers and suppliers. Clients can rest assured in the knowledge that components have undergone a thorough testing and inspection process.

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For a more comprehensive product list, or if you have a requirement for hard to find or even obsolete components don't hesitate to contact us right now, we'll make every effort to source and supply products according to your needs. Simply specify the manufacturer, technical specs and quantity and leave the rest to us.

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At Shenzhen Electronics from Pianoro Trading Group we offer a range of services, these include:

Component sourcing & acquisition

Our team of seasoned professionals has the experience and industry connections to source and purchase even the hardest to find components.  

Negotiating optimal terms & condition

We negotiate the best possible terms and prices for components from manufacturers and reputable suppliers.

Shipping & delivery

We ship worldwide! Our sales rep will take care of all the shipping and delivert details.


Our team will handle all the administrative issues including customs paperwork etc.

Logistical & storage

On request our team can make arrangements with third party associates for a variety of logistical and storage solutions, including short- or long-term storage in appropriate warehousing conditions.

Quality assurance

We guarantee the integrity and quality of every component we offer. Clients can rest assured that the products we sell have been sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, and that they have been meticulously checked and approved.

Customer support

We provide after-sales customer support services. Our team is available 24/7 to deal with queries and technical issues.


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